Small Change Big Difference

One of the first questions I often get asked about garden design is how much will it cost.  A very reasonable question as it’s important to have an idea of your budget at the beginning of the project. Each garden is different depending on its size & complexity. A variation in levels will mean there is more to think about to address these issues. My answer is is that a garden designer can save you money and help you to remain within budget because all the thinking & decision making is done before you even start the build. It also means that you can concentrate on the areas that need attention and enhance those parts of your garden that are working. 

Small change big difference is a garden design principle that can be completely transformative. Re routing a pathway that takes you to a new destination offers a different reason to go in and around your garden. The use of big plants in a small space can increase the sense of scale. 


It really is a case of less is more and as a result you can create something dynamic and exciting without having to start from scratch.



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