Working together to get the job done

One of the things I really enjoy about designing a new project is working together with the client to bring their vision to life. One of my current projects has been a new build property built on a brown field site with no established garden. There are always challenges inherent in the design process. The site whether it’s a new build or an older property is rarely the same level or symmetrical. You may not get the sun nearest to the house where you would like a seating area or the soil may not support your client’s planting preferences.

Incorporating these elements are the challenges that I enjoy. I may make several drafts of a design plan in response to feedback from my clients. It is a collaborative process problem solving these challenges and part of a designer’s job to make it work.

This project needed to resolve complex multiple levels without having steps in order to future proof the garden for my clients as they get older. There were a number of important elements needed to be included in a relatively small area. The design takes the spherical nature of the seating pod and repeats this theme throughout. The planting with echoes of southern France uses plants suitable for an English climate but is evocative of their former home. All of these design features evolved through listening to each other,  collaborative problem solving and embracing the challenges.


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