Right Plant Right Place

One of the fundamental garden design principles: right plant right place, is important because whatever you plant in your garden will effect everything else. Planting trees and tall shrubs will create dry conditions underneath; a pond will create moisture in the air; walls and hard paving create hot conditions; curved beds for planting can baffle the wind in a flat exposed area to create a protected environment where more fragile plants will thrive.

These micro climates will allow you to select plants that at first glance do not look suitable. A garden designer can incorporate into the design, features that create the right micro climates for the plants of your choice so expensive mistakes with planting can be avoided. With changes in the climate becoming more apparent, as outlined in the RHS report published last year, planting choices of gardeners and garden designers alike need to take into account wetter warmer or drier conditions depending where you are in the U.K.

A garden designer can help you think through how you can achieve the planting scheme you want by ensuring the design creates the right micro climate so you do get the right plant in the right place.

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